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Top 200 Report

The UK Hedge Fund Top 200

The most comprehensive analysis ever undertaken of UK hedge fund managers’ profitability. Hedge Forensics' flagship Top 200 Report ranks independent managers overall and on multiple criteria: size, profitability, pay, balance sheet analysis and much more. We highlight the most efficient, the biggest and the fastest growing. £1000.

Detailed Analysis

Average salary example.

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c.50 Useful Measures

Detailed rankings of top 200 by:

  • Turnover
  • Operating profit
  • Margin
  • Highest paid partner/director
  • Liquidity ratios
  • Number of employees
  • Average salary
  • Revenue per person
  • Operating Profit per person

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Auditors Report OUT NOW

Our comprehensive analysis of the audit firms, the top players and the also-rans, their charges and their like for like fee increases.

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About Hedge Forensics

A new consultancy, our analysts have 30 years' experience of reading accounts. This project has taken 18 months, it’s been a tough job...accounts consolidation, annualisation and standardisation.

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