Company Reports

Going for a job interview? About to have an annual broker review? Trying to sell a new client some software? Trying to win a pitch to recruit a new team member?

Have a bit more context on your potential employer or customer

  • Gives all the detail in the main report for a single fund
  • Along with detail on the firm’s relative position
  • Are you joining a firm that is upper quartile on employee pay or bottom quartile?
  • Where does the company sit among its peers in growth?
  • Understand how many people it employs, how efficient it is

Our company reports give a unique insight into over 200 hedge fund managers (and growing). The reports generally give 2-3 years of data (in a few cases for new funds only one year may be available) and give as comprehensive a picture as possible of the firm's size (sales/profit/employee numbers), profitability, efficiency, liquidity, pay and growth.

This report is not recommended for hedge fund principals or COOs, as the industry report has far more detail on rankings and peer groups, although it can give a useful and easy to read summary of their own fund. Its application is better suited to the employee who wishes to understand his relative compensation, to the broker who wishes to know his client better, a manager who wants to check out his competition, or an investor who wishes to check his deal on fees or the retention and compensation arrangements for staff. These reports are unusual if not unique in that in the case of LLPs they consolidate the service company giving a much more accurate picture of the true profitability. 

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Our reports usually include the following data:


Core costs 
Enterprise Profit 
Shareholders funds 

Ratios as a % of revenue
Core costs
Enterprise profit
EBIT plus directors fees (comparable basis for limited companies and partnerships)
Employment costs

Ratios per person
Core costs
Enterprise profit
EBIT plus directors fees (comparable basis for limited companies and partnerships)
Employment costs
Pay and earnings related

Total wages bill 
Average salary
Normalised average salary
Total owners take (directors pay plus dividends or partners share of profit)
Total directors pay
Total profit for partners 
Highest paid director/partner 
Average partner take ex the highest paid 
Balance Sheet/Lquidity 

Current Assets
Current Liabilities
Current Ratio
Cash:Current Liabilities
Cash:Current Liabilities + Average Wages


year on year growth in each category 
Helpful info 

Audit fees
Accounting fees
Tangible fixed assets
Note that we are unable to generate every parameter for every company – some managers don’t wish you to know how much they pay their directors and their accounts don’t disclose this. Such an omission is in contravention of the Companies Act, but even the subsidiary of a major bank has decided not to comply in this respect.

Supplementary Data
These items are not always available and they don’t always apply and we can only show the data where it’s disclosed and we will only show the data where we deem that it’s appropriate and will not be embarrassing to the manager.

  • Turnover breakdown – geographic
  • Turnover breakdown – management fee/performance fee/other
  • Property
  • Leasehold Improvements
  • Other
  • Consultancy agreements with partners/directors

It's our intention to publish these reports in future, dependent on demand. Please register your interest using the buttons, or if you would like reports on multiple companies please email us at

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